Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Life isn’t fair to anyone, that’s what makes life fair

We all have had occasions, where we feel let down by the rigmaroles of life. When we see less deserving people get the better of us or at times when we loose something that is really dear to us. Often, we end up complaining that life hasn’t been fair to us. But then, there are always others who have been deprived off its fairness.

I don’t think I have ever met a person who can say that life has always been fair to him/her. There are people who say, that life has turned out fairly OK for them over a period of time, but fair on all occasions, NONE.

But then I guess it is this impetuosity, with which life doles out its unfairness to everyone is what makes it really fair. It can be partial to some people at some point of time, but over a longer period, u always get what you deserve.

I for one believe that I have got most things in life fairly easily, without being too bothered, without stooping too low and without compromising on my general well being over an extended period of time. But then, at the same time I don’t have everything I could have asked for. I have lost things on the bye-way; I have paid prices which I had not bargained for, for things which I don’t value as much as the price I paid for.

Sometimes, these things do bother me, but then I shrug off, taking solace in Shaharyar’s famous words:

kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahaa nahin milta
kahin zamin to kahin aasmaan nahin milta

jise bhi dekhiye woh apne aap main gum hai
zubaan mili hai magar hamzubaan nahin milta

bujhaa sakaa hai bhalaa kaun vaqt ke sholay
ye aisi aag hai jis main dhuaan nahin milta

tere jahaan main aisaa nahin ki pyaar na ho
jahaan ummeed ho is ki vahaan nahin milta