Friday, August 22, 2008

Let your Blood Boil

“We can change history but we can’t change Geography”- Atal Behari Vajpayee

Unfortunately, the current lots of politicians are doing just the opposite; they are changing geography and repeating the history of being meek. The image of India as a soft state and a soft target keeps getting more firmly etched, with repeated attacks at India’s major cities, killing innocent people with impunity. What is even more disturbing is the intelligentsia of the country falling prey to years of violence, terror induced by our neighbor in Kashmir, advocating creation of another unfriendly neighbor called Kashmir.

With neighbors, like Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh and China on all sides of the border, indulging in guerilla warfare, inducing terror hit and run tactics and the ever increasing weaponry capability and arsenal is making India’s security fears increase by the day. The Central Government’s meek response to each such attack or for the internal terror forces like the naxalites who now have footprints over 170 out of 602 districts of the country. The authorities just refuse to get out of their slumber.

I still remember the terror struck faces of parliamentarians on that ill fated 13th December, 2001 attack. Ill fated for two counts, the brave soldiers of our security forces lost lives, and second none of the parliamentarians did. Honestly, those are the true faces of the rulers of the country, meek, and terror struck for their own security, but indifferent to loss of lives of a billion respected citizens of this country.

The POTA was repealed, giving further impunity to the terrorist forces. I know there will be plenty of human rights activists and international experts baying for your blood, but the only way to stem the rot is the way we did it in Punjab. Lets get the military organized, lets get the intelligence centralized and coordinated, lets fix responsibilities, lets do the combing of our own territory, and sanitize it for once and for all, lets suffocate them financially, and lets cut their regular supply of ration. There will be excesses, but the price needs to be paid, for years of negligence, for decades of fear and for submitting to their evil designs time and again.

Let Kargil be not forgotten, but even more important is to remember, Mumbai trains, tbe blasts in 1992, the serial blasts in Bangalore, in Jaipur, in Ahmedabad, the designs in Surat, the Naxalite operations in Bihar, UP, Chhattisgarh, M.P, West Bengal, the plight of the north eastern states, and yes Kashmir too. Remember the mutilation of our BSF soldiers, being returned to us like hanging goats up for the flame. Let your blood boil. Lets resolve, that we will leave behind a much more peaceful and secure India for our future generation, not the one which is threatened by all sides by unfriendly neighbors and from enemy within.

Our neighbors will not get any better, (may be with an exception of China) Pakistan and Bangladesh will continue to be the pests they are, but if we refuse to be meek, and hand it down to them with our preparedness, alertness, they will think a hundred times.